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October 2011



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Oct. 21st, 2011


Dark Welkin Glitch

Apparently Rampage Network is having some problems. They seem to be taking a little while to resolve, so in the meantime, the latest page is here:

I've also manually forced a few pages through on the old ComicGenesis site (which is also having problems; has been for some time), including the latest, which you can see here. Hopefully everything will be sorted out soon; until it is, I'll post on the old site, despite the fact that "today" is locked at May 5th of last year. Because that makes sense.

Ah, internet. How much do I not love you.

Aug. 21st, 2010

Dark Welkin

I Think I May Need to Spend More Time Online...

I really am just full of failure lately.

Turns out I haven't posted to the original Dark Welkin ComicGenesis site since...ummm, Page 43. I really don't know what's wrong with me, I thought I was. I guess there were just too many weeks where I went, "oh, I forgot to also upload the update to the CG server. Oh well, I'll just double-upload next week, there's a delay after all so I'm not behind yet over there..."

Except, of course, if you do that too often, you do get behind. And apparently I did. Or something. I can't imagine I'd have let it go that long...maybe I missed something else or uploaded it to the wrong place or just generally didn't pay attention.

At any rate, I uploaded all the weeks (months) I missed, so it should be abruptly catching itself up to date now. If anyone still uses the old site for their DW reading and was wondering if I had in fact disappeared off the face of the earth and abandoned the story...I have not! It's back now.


Also, apologies for being utterly absent around here. I'll try to catch up on what all I've missed...soon-ish...sorry.

Apr. 24th, 2010


I find myself surprisingly undisappointed...

...although it appears that next week's episode will be the deciding one.
Please, Bob'ika, please don't wuss out on me. Not now when you're doing so well...

...and are also so frakking adorable. Have you seen his design yet?

The Clone Wars version of Fett'ika's just so cute. In a murderously grumpy, eventually bad-ass kind of way, of course. Which, come on, is the best way, is it not?

Yeah. It's a good start. Now they just have to make their way through the season finale without getting all shabla. (Not that I'm in any way ready to forgive them for destroying continuity and breaking my heart and concocting that travesty called Duchess Satine and her New Mandalorian asswipes. But not screwing up Fett would be a good start towards "marching back." We'll see.)

Actually, the one I'm disappointed in right now is Aurra Sing. Leave them to "drift off in space" to a slow and not-at-all-certain doom? Please. This woman eats Jedi Knights for breakfast. She so knows better. She'd have slotted all three kids right there, or at least vaped the pod as soon as she shut the sirlock. Come on now...

...BUT they have yet to mess up my Fett, so I won't be complaining about Aurra's plot-contrivance slip-up. She is overconfident, after all, so I'll let that one slide. Even if it was a really stupid, rookie move on her part. Whatever, at least Fett can now learn the lesson for the future: if you're gonna shoot, shoot. Don't rely on fading life support to do your job for you.

Of course, the only problem now is that keeping my fingers crossed for an entire week would rather impede all the drawing I so desperately need to be doing. Well, ni vercopaani...

Apr. 23rd, 2010


I cannot believe that I have to watch the chakaaryc Clone Wars cartoon again...

Dear Boba:

Please don't be a hut'uun tonight.

That is all. Thank you.

Feb. 8th, 2010


More on Mandalorians

Do you know what happiness is?

Happiness is lying on a comfortable bed with a delightful book, a cup of tea, music playing softly, and two cats curled up around you. That is happiness.

Add in the possibility of taping away at a laptop’s keyboard later, or scribbling down some artwork on a page—creating for pleasure—and things really become complete.


In Strangers in Paradise Terry Moore says that happiness (I believe he’s quoting someone else, but sometimes he makes up people to quote, and I’m feeling really too comfortable to crawl across to my bookshelf and drag out my Omnibus to check which it is in this instance, so I’ll attribute the statement to him, with the caveat that he might not be the originator, and leave it up to the reader to do the research for certitude) is complete not when there is nothing left to add, but “when there is nothing left to take away.”


I can think of only one thing to take away in this instance, and that is my recent heartbreak over Star Wars’s Mandalorians and the travesty that has become of them of late. I say, thank goodness for the deluge of snow we recently suffered; I ran around in it like a child, knocking snow from trees down upon my head and trickling cold beneath my coat, laughing, and it cheered me. I had spent the day-and-a-half before wallowing in depression, which is most uncommon for me. Not merely sad, but thoroughly depressed, miserable, utterly mired in my bleak emotions.


Details cut for length.Collapse )


Ner Mando’ade nu kyr'adyc, shi taab’echaaj’la.

Dec. 16th, 2009


Ner Trikar: Belated Bad News

I think I might cry.


What the frak? Seriously, what the frak? But her books were so good!
Arrgh! Why are people stupid?
And what is with the Mando-hate?
Caution: rantCollapse )
And now that I am done ranting (sorry about that, really. I don't know exactly where that came from. I guess I was more pissed about that whole internet morass than I thought I was) let me get onto the point of this post: Karen Traviss is done with Star Wars!

And it turns out she announced this in August, but I did not know about it. I totally missed the whole explosion of controversy and bad-continuity and general crappiness and only just found out tonight when a friend mentioned it online. And I almost actually cried. Her books were so good and there was so much left to tell! Okay, bad enough she was stuck with trying to clean up after Troy Dennings and leaving the lot of us with bated breath as to how (and if) she was going to salvage her ongoing Mando/Clones plot from way back in the first RepCom book all though LotF. Bad enough we still don't know what happened to these people (thanks, Dennings. You're a peach. The nanovirus was a great idea. I'm so glad you do your research and pay attention to what your fellow authors are working on. Ass.) but now we maybe never will! And even if we do, it will not be the same if it's not KT. Dammit, I wanted to know about Venku/Kad! I wanted to know about Mirta and Ghes and Sintas and Bob'ika! I wanted to know about Beviin and Medrit and who's going to be the next Mandalore. I wanted to know about Ordo and Bardan/Gotab and Fi and all the clones who defected and settled on Mandalore. I wanted more and now there won't be any.

And you wanna know why? Why there won't be any more KT Mando/RepCom books? Why the Boba Fett book that I was both dreading and anticipating won't be happening? You wanna know why? Because for the cartoon they decided they want to make the Mandos pacifists!
I'm sorry, I don't think cinnamon buns go with buckets. Mandalorian-pacifist is like...like...I can't even think of a contradiction big enough to use as an example. Mandalorian pacifists?

Okay, I heard about that before--another friend told me, back when Season Two was just starting and the rumors were flying--and I was thrown for a hell of a loop, but I was willing to wait and see. After all, The Clone Wars cartoon was awesome so far. (Cad Bane is my new second-favorite bounty hunter. Lee Van Cleef, whoo!) And it could work...ish. Yeah, the Mandos have splintered before. This could be like the Death Watch only, you know, the opposite of that. And they were on a planet that had been nuked? Well that's kind of cool. Pacifist Mandalorians in a post-apocalyptic wasteland? Okay, I'll bite...show me what you got.

Umm. But you don't have to break continuity to do it, kids.

You know? I mean, it's not like they were saying "oh hey, this big plotline we're starting to think up is gonna totally not work with this one little e-book that was out a while ago...we'll just make the e-book into an Infinities, mmmkay?" No, they're saying "so hey, yeah, we're gonna like trash a super-high-selling series and oh yeah it's also gonna frak up one of our major storyline events in the SW EU but no big, right?" I'm sorry, I thought the big thing now was that continuity would not get broken like whoa anymore, because editorial was going to be paying attention and keeping tabs and working things out and all that kind of stuff.

And they could have worked this out! Like I said, Mandos have splintered before. Make them an off-shoot sector; it's a nomadic culture, after all, spread over a couple of planets. Easy fix: these are Mandos living on Dxun or somewhere else, which was nuked, and they have their own personal Mandalore and ignore the rest of the Mandalorians, who respond in kind. Live and let live, that's the Mando way, at least until someone offers money for slaughter and destruction instead. Maybe they split off after the Sith War way back when, that would be kind of cool. Or it's a recent development, and doesn't last--cause okay, how long do you think Mandos could go being pacifists? A month? A week? I give it one game of cu'bikad or smashball myself.

The point is, they could have done this weird pacifist Mando-thing in the cartoon and not broken continuity everywhere else! But nooooooo, we can't play together, we can't get along, we can't adhere to frakking established continuity, oh no! No no no, let's not talk crazy here! Totally a much better idea to just throw out tons of awesome material and frak up current continuity in the EU like crazy rather than just slide this in alongside it. Which, by the way, they wouldn't have even have had to mention in the cartoon episodes! Just change the name of the planet to something other than Mandalore, and let assumption carry canon until someone can write up a side note in some book or magazine article or something explaining how the Mando-pacifists were in fact a splinter group of--EXCUSE ME, but JANGO wasn't a pacifist! Hello! Dooku? Army of Jedi? Slaughter on both sides? The Death Watch? Jaster Mereel? Open Seasons? Any of that ring a bell at all? Arrrrrgh...so unnecessary. There is no reason to break canon! No reason! They could have worked it out! Easily! Hell, I just did it in a few sentences, and I don't even have all the details yet! But I'll bet anyone a bonafied No Prize that after the episodes come out, I'll still be able to tweak up a solution that will make both canons work! Hell, I read X-Men, I can reconcile splintered continuity in my sleep.

But instead my beloved Mandalore is broken, and KT is gone, and the Clones are left bereft and rudderless, and Bob'ika and Mirta and Sintas are drifting; if there are buy'cese in the Fate of the Jedi they will be pale, empty things--ori'buyce, kih'kovid. And the delight of a galaxy with Mando'ade on the political stage will be gone. And it was so, so pretty an impending chaos, too.

You know, it wasn't too long ago that I was posting with glee about Mandos in the Legacy comics. I miss that glee. I'm gonna go wallow in my sorrow for a while.
The last time I felt miserable like this, I had just had a dream about finishing reading the latest Star Wars book (I was halfway through it at the time) and Fett died in it and when I woke up it took me like an hour to realize it was a dream. It was horrible. And felt really real. Like, I didn't dream what happened next, I actually dreamed the process of reading it. Kind of spooky, actually. And left me miserable and hollow inside. Kind of like this. Books, burc'ya. They'll frak you up.

Well. Happy holidays, mando'ade. Don't worry, gar nu kyr'adyc, shi taab'echaaj'la.

Dec. 7th, 2009


Witness the firepower!

I just plugged in our tree, and the Death Star ornament's soundbite went off.

It's officially the holidays.

And in the "spirit of giving" or whatever that osik Tiny Tim spouts is all about, there will be new Mundane Nirvana coming soon. Stay tuned.

Nov. 20th, 2009


Will Phillips: Sitting Against Hypocrisy

This kid is my favorite thing ever.
Read this.
Man, I wish I'd been half that awesome at ten-years-old. He's more engaged and aware of the world, and more insightful by far, than most adults.

(Hell, I never really looked past my "under god" indignation to think about the deeper problems with the pledge, and I hadn't even figured that much out at age ten;, I was just another mumbling automaton mouthing the words without engaging the brain.)

He's brilliant and bold and I wish I could write him a fan-letter encouraging him to continue being excellent. Corny as it sounds, Will Phillips really does give me hope for the future.
Thank you, Will.

Nov. 18th, 2009

Goofing Around!

This is Not the Hammer.

Okay, so you're all familiar with Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, right? Because if you aren't, go familiarize yourself now. Because it is awesome.

We all good now? Great.

Because today a one-shot comic book for Dr Horrible came in to the store with our Wed shipment. I'd ordered myself a copy, of course; it was good. Not good as in make-a-special-trip-out-of-your-way-drive-fifty-miles-to-find-it good, but certainly worth picking up if you were already in the comic book store for other purposes. Thoroughly enjoyable, decent art, nice prologueish story. And, of course, it meant that I had the music stuck in my head all bloody morning long. The plan, of course, was to watch it as soon as I got home.

The problem: I've currently got my DVD lent out to Joe (manager at said comics store, actually). The solution: go online. It is, after all, an internet creation, and should thus be easy to still find online, yes? And so it was. So easy, in fact, that I found a terribly hysterical variation someone had created and posted on YouTube: a Dr Horrible/Harry Potter combination parody. Here's "A Man's Gotta Do", but most of the other songs have been made too; you can find the links there. It's a riot!

Nov. 7th, 2009


(no subject)

Oh. My. Stars. How have I not seen this 'til now?

Watch it full-screen. Trust me.

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